eGP – PPDA – ROP Registration | We Are Registration Number PRV/SRVCS/21082738/AUG/21

To increase our chances of doing business with the government of the Republic of Uganda, we decided to register as a provider of services on the Electronic Government Procurement (eGP) on Friday 27th August 2021.

Houston Executive Consulting got Approved and Completed Registration on the eGP-PPDA-ROP with Registration Number: PRV/SRVCS/21082738/AUG/21

We first registered on the Register of Providers (ROP) on Thursday 25th April 2019. This has always been intended to increase our visibility because providers’ profile is an opportunity for us to showcase our skills and experience.

It is also an opportunity to be identified as an eligible provider to participate in preference and reservation schemes.

We shall also have instant online access to all bid opportunities in Government for all registered providers. It is an opportunity for us to Communicate with Procuring and Disposing Entities (PDEs) and other providers online.

What Is Electronic Government Procurement (eGP)?

The government Launched Electronic Procurement where the purchase of goods, works, and services is done using electronic means.

The government of Uganda has decided to take public procurement online through the implementation of an electronic government procurement system.

This is an initiative by the government to use technology and simplify the public procurement & disposal of public assets. It has also been done to uphold the government’s promise to the public of efficient and accountable governance.

You can register using the supplier registration portal, please Register by filling in the form on your right to create an account. Further guidance will be given once you have registered. Please ensure that your details are correct to the best of your knowledge before clicking register.

The portal will help you receive and manage bids as well as allow you to amend your existing details.

Benefits of e-GP

  • Improved Government service delivery(efficiency)
  • Reduced cost of bidding
  • Timely and equal accessibility to tender information
  • Leveled ground for supplier competitiveness
  • Improved transparency and accountability of the public procurement process
  • Improved debriefing of unsuccessful bids
  • Obtaining real-time feedback on tender specifications
  • Improved contract management (timeliness on delivery and payment
  • Improved value for money for taxpayers and development partner funding

What Are the Requirements for You to Register?

Before you can start the online registration process, you need to have key requirements and documents. These include the following:

General Requirements

  • Internet access
  • Valid Trading license

Local Company

  • Valid Business Registration Number
  • Valid URA TIN
  • Valid email address
  • Valid NIN (For Individual provider)

Foreign Company

  • Copy of Company Certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of Tax Identification Number
  • Valid email address
  • Copy of Company ownership
  • Copy of passport (For Individual Provider)

For registration

Access the registration link:

Follow the links below to access Quick Reference Guides for registration;
Local Individual Supplier Registration Guide
Local Company Supplier Registration Guide
Foreign Individual Supplier Registration Guide
Foreign Company Supplier Registration Guide

One of the most important features is a notification system that sometimes sends an e-mail announcing when a bid notice is published.

This comes through the official registered email address. It is sent as Egp-Request for Bid Notice, which comes from EGP Uganda <>. Notifications might just consist of information that will be interesting or helpful for your business from the PDEs.

Example: Hello HOUSTON EXECUTIVE CONSULTING LIMITED, You have received a bid notice from Kampala Capital City Authority for your attention. go to for more details: Procurement Subject: Procurement for the Solar Street lighting Maintenance Components (Procurement Item 22) Procuring Entity: Kampala Capital City Authority Published Date: 10 Sep 2021 16:02 Bid Submission Deadline: 07 Oct 2021 10:00

The government runs the online registration as a reliable source of information on Providers for PDEs something that offers a more transparent and reliable Providers’ data bank to PDEs. More still, Provide PDEs with a record of current and past contract performance of the Providers.

It becomes easy to Expedite shortlist for routine procurement, conveniently publish procurement notices, and communicate with providers and other PDEs cost-effectively. This page is also designed to help registered providers obtain information and also update their ROP profiles quickly.

Providers can find the benefits of registration, quickly start the registration process, search for PDEs and the latest bid information, as well as find information about advertising on the ROP website.

The Most Important of All Is the Code of Ethical Conduct in Business for Bidders and Providers Which Is Under Section 93 Of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act, 2003. It spells out the following guidelines for bidders:

  1. Ethical Principles

Bidders and providers shall at all times-

  • maintain integrity and independence in their professional judgment and conduct;
  • comply with both the letter and the spirit of-
  • the laws of Uganda; and
  • Any contract awarded.
  • avoid associations with businesses and organizations which conflict with this code.
  1. Standards

Bidders and providers shall-

  • strive to provide works, services, and supplies of high quality and accept full responsibility for all works, services, or supplies provided;
  • Comply with the professional standards of their industry or of any professional body of which they are members.
  1. Conflict of Interest

Bidders and providers shall not accept contracts that would constitute a conflict of interest with, any prior or current contract with any procuring and disposing entity. Bidders and providers shall disclose to all concerned parties those conflicts of interest that cannot reasonably be avoided or escaped.

  1. Confidentiality and Accuracy of Information

(1) Information given by bidders and providers in the course of procurement processes or the performance of contracts shall be true, fair, and not designed to mislead.

(2) Providers shall respect the confidentiality of information received in the course of performance of a contract and shall not use such information for personal gain.

  1. Gifts and Hospitality

Bidders and providers shall not offer gifts or hospitality directly or indirectly, to a staff of a procuring and disposing entity that might be viewed by others as influencing a government procurement decision.

  1. Inducements

(1) Bidders and providers shall not offer or give anything of value to influence the action of a public official in the procurement process or contract execution.

(2)  Bidders and providers shall not ask a public official to do anything inconsistent with the Act, Regulations, Guidelines, or the Code of Ethical Conduct in         Business.

  1. Fraudulent Practices

Bidders and providers shall not-

  • collude with other businesses and organizations to deprive a procuring and disposing entity of the benefits of free and open competition;
  • enter into business arrangements that might prevent the effective operation of fair competition;
  • engage in deceptive financial practices, such as bribery, double billing, or other improper financial practices;
  • misrepresent facts to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract to the detriment of the Procuring and Disposing Entity; or utter false documents;
  • unlawfully obtain information relating to a procurement process to influence the process or execution of a contract to the detriment of the PDE;
  • withholding information from the PDE during contract execution to the detriment of the PDE.

All corporate organizations and other providers of products and services can also register and be listed on the Register of Providers at the PPDA. All you have to do is to visit the website

How Much Does It Cost to Register on The Electronic Government Procurement (eGP)?

By the time of our registration, the fee structure for new registration had three categories where providers of works have to pay UGX 187,500, Providers of Consultancy, and NON-Consultancy services pay a fee of UGX 150,000 which is the same as Supplies.

The annual renewal for all categories stood at UGX 50,000. For details about the payment procedure, you can contact the Support Contact Desk:

PPDA ROP Office on 4th Floor UEDCL Towers, Plot 39 Nakasero Road.

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training

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