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General Careers Guidance Service: Careers Advice in Uganda

We are providers of careers information, advice and guidance in Uganda. Avoid choosing wrong university course. We can help you to make decisions on learning, training and work at all stages in your career. Get expert careers advice and guidance on job applications, CVs and cover letters, interview tips, getting into university, and career planning.

With Houston Executive Consulting, you can find careers advice for young adults, students and working professionals. We can support you discover what the process involves and how to map out your career journey.

Making Career Choices

Explore Your Education and Training Choices

Whether you know where you’re headed in the future or not, knowing the work and study choices available to you is a great place to start. We help you to explore can also explore careers to get ideas about the type of job you might like or see the many ways to get your dream job.

Redundancy And Losing Your Job

Find useful advice and resources if you’ve been made redundant or become unemployed. If you’re made redundant or unemployed, you might feel anxious about the future. Get advice on how to develop your skills, access free online courses and find help getting a job.

Discover Postgraduate Study Options

Consider and all the post-graduate study options available to you. With the right advice, you can find and apply for the right course to suit your career aims, and find out how to get funding. There are opportunities to join full-time or part-time courses. You can also study through flexible and distance learning.

How To Bounce Back in A Tough Jobs Market

Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from or adapt to difficult experiences in your career journey. It’s a skill that can help you handle all of life’s setbacks including those in your career.

Learn From Your Own Experiences

When things don’t go as planned it can be a great learning opportunity. Use your past experience to identify ways of coping that worked for you in other situations.

Identify Occupations That Match Your Interests

So how do you translate your interests into a new career? With a little research, you may be surprised at the careers that relate to many of the things you love.

In life you will encounter many situations where you could benefit from unbiased advice. You may be in the process of choosing a stream or a career, deciding whether or not to change careers or jobs, re-entering the workforce, or maybe looking to learn more about career guidance.

A careers adviser can help you work out which choice is best for you. If you’d like to chat or get advice about your future, there are many different ways to speak to an adviser.


We can point to the right resources to assist you in developing career programs and providing career guidance whether you are a young adult or student.

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