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Team Building Services in Uganda (Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, Mukono & Fort Portal)

Corporate organizations continuously seek out our services to help them to improve the productivity and motivation of their employees.

Planning for Team Building in Uganda? We Have the Best Outdoor Teambuilding Retreats and Camp Support Services in Uganda.

We Facilitate the Best Team Building Activities in Uganda with highly interactive actions, trust-building, Ice Breakers, Warm-Ups, and Classic Team Building Challenges.

The main goals of team-building at Houston Executive Consulting are to improve productivity, welfare, wellbeing, and staff motivation. We take your employees out of the office and help the team break down office politics and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and enjoy laughter and have fun.

Team building improves communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution. It has also been proven that team building improves employee morale, decreases turnover, teaches workers new skills, and increases employee innovation all of which can improve efficiency and effectiveness in the office.

Objectives of Our Tailored Team Building Activities, Games, and Fun Events:

  1. Outline each individual’s role/responsibility in achieving organizational results.
  2. Opportunity to have some fun together, reflect and refresh away from routine work preferably in a very beautiful green environment.
  3. Exploring ways team members see the mission, vision, and core values of your organization applied in their day-to-day work lives.
  4. Provide tools for decreasing group conflict and fostering interpersonal relations at your organization.
  5. Re-engineering staff morale and inspiring the desire to work and positively contribute to the mission and vision and strategy of the organization.

Expected Outcomes

The purpose of this two-day team building activity/retreat or workshop is facilitate activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It is also to transfer skills and lessons to its participants for effective teamwork.

The following are specific outcomes:

  1. Provide information, knowledge, skills and resources on team building and demonstrate the importance of teamwork in sustainable development.
  2. Inculcate skills on leadership and decision making.
  3. Explain methods of dealing with organizational conflicts, including resolution and third-party mediation.
  4. Lay out a plan of action to address identified development capacity weaknesses an Organization.
  5. A report on the two-day workshop and recommendations for future action.


There are four primary types of team-building activities: icebreaker, problem-solving, communication and trust-building exercises. Your particular situation will guide us on how to proceed. A good strategy may be to start with a fun activity to help everyone relax.

The team building workshops will utilize the following methods:

  • Presentations
  • Facilitation
  • Small group sessions
  • Large group discussions
  • Mental games and exercises
  • Physical games and exercises

Training Aids & Logistics

  • Flipchart and flip stand
  • Markers
  • Overhead projector and screen
  • Laptop computer
  • A4 writing paper
  • Tape
  • Training notes
  • Other Materials as Tailored to the activity

Why We Are the Best Team Building Facilitators for Retreats, Games & Fun Activities in Uganda

Houston Executive Consulting brings a new level of collaborative entertainment to your Fun Team Work Activities in Kampala, Mukono, or Entebbe group’s off-site. Let’s call it an away day, or experience. We get your team involved such that your time together becomes memorable and invigorating.

When your staff is gathered together for a team-building event aimed, we are there to ensure that you achieve primary objectives like fostering closer relations and enhancing engagement amongst them.

It can be a full-day event organized by management to facilitate a variety of fun and engaging activities that are intended to help the staff appreciate the dynamics of teamwork and also be aware of the behaviors necessary to foster productivity at the workplace.

Thrilling acting and improved games (team building talent shows) and laugh-out-loud game demonstrations where everyone has a chance to play, our experts can spice up your group’s time together with action-packed and highly involving events. Our team-building, bonding, and training create lasting memories and team bonding for success.

There is no other better way to motivate your team than by treating them to a fun, action-packed, outdoor team building event. We organize events that are fantastic to get your team to unwind and have a great time bonding with colleagues. The variety of team building activities we have enables us to prepare something for everyone to enjoy the retreat!

Some of the Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love from the word Go!

  • Country Sports
  • Perfect Team Building Event
  • Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt Event
  • Family Fun Days
  • Get It Together
  • The Sinking Ship
  • Observation and Awareness Exercise
  • Playing Card Exercise
  • Water Bottle
  • The Communication Game.
  • The Mine Field
  • Reward Exercises
  • Physical Team Building Challenges
  • Creative Team Building Challenges
  • Egg on Spoon Game
  • Talent Shows
  • Exhibition

First time organizing a team building event/retreat? Don’t worry, we have you covered, with our team of team building consultants.

Book for your retreat today!

When you work with Houston Executive Consulting on team Building, you are sure that our activities will address interpersonal problems within the group, improve inter-team communication and enhance the productivity of employees.

Our games are designed to increase motivational levels among team members and to inculcate leadership skills among employees.

We leave organizations with teams that have renewed their commitment to clearly defines objectives and goals, improves processes and procedures, enhance organizational productivity and work on the team’s strengths and weaknesses with improved ability to problem-solving.

We are experts in facilitating various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams involving collaborative tasks.

We deliver team building activities and programs that give realistic experiences that empower individuals to contribute to common goals.

The success of most organizations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective teams.

Proposed Team Building Agenda

         Welcome and Workshop Review (15 minutes)

         Opening Exercise (15 minutes)

         Team Building (60 minutes)

—        Elements of a successful team

—        Teams in the development context

—        Small group session (Exercise 1)

—        Large group discussion

         Teamwork and Group Dynamics (90 minutes)

—        Elements of a team vs. elements of a group

—        Group dynamics

—        Small group session (Exercise 2)

—        Large group discussion

         Motivation (30 minutes)

—        Motivating people

—        Small group session

—        Large group discussion

         Communication (30 minutes)

—        Basic communication skills

—        Small group (Exercise 3)

—        Large group discussion

         Delegation (30 minutes)

—        Delegation of responsibilities

—        Small group session (Exercise 4)

—        Large group discussion/report

         Day One Summary and Evaluation (20 Minutes)


         Introduction to Day 2 (10 minutes)

         Opening Exercise (15 minutes)

         Leadership Styles (90 minutes)

—        Types of leaders

—        Leadership in Organizational setting

—        Roles of leaders in teams

—        Individual exercise (What Kind of Leader am I? questionnaire)

         Conflicts and Conflict Resolution (90 minutes)

—        Why conflicts arise

—        How to resolve conflicts internally

—        When to seek external assistance in resolving conflicts

         Small Group Session (Exercise 5)

         Large group reports and discussion

         Mentorship (45 minutes)

—        What is mentorship

—        How to create a mentorship programme and identify mentors

—        Resources on team building and Organizations

—        Virtual help in the global village

         Large Group Discussion

         Taking Action: Developing an Action Plan for Organizations

—        Participants will review notes from earlier discussions

—        Participants will be afforded the opportunity to identify specific strengths, weaknesses and barriers to teamwork within their group

—        Exchanges will be made on possible solutions

—        Possible mentors within the group will be identified

—        The possibility of a network to offer support, including a listserv

         Closing Remarks and Evaluation of Workshop

Know what is meant by “teamwork” Learn How teamwork can be best achieved and the importance of good communication. Get better relationships with work colleagues and Increase your practical skills and confidence with the art of team building.

We pride ourselves in knowing and understanding our local market in Uganda and East Africa; delivering highly successful experiences for team performance.

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