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Public Relations (PR) Media & Communications Consultants in Uganda

We are a full-service PR Agency That Partners with Brands on Public Relations, Media Planning, Digital Marketing, Crisis Communication, And Reputation Management.

Just like a virtuous artist, we craft engaging narratives, tell powerful stories and work smartly to shape into perception. We create big concepts with strategic applications to deliver game-changing communications outcomes.

We can help you with managing and disseminating information from your company to the public to affect civic perception. Build mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics for better reputation, and public image

We focus on bringing forward-thinking communications and lasting results to clients in 6 practice areas:

Media Planning & Buying

A well-composed team of media planning & buying, compliant to all Uganda media governing bodies, consists of highly experienced specialists.

These are skilled in developing and executing multi-platform campaigns for clients. They have worked across several industries including trade & commerce, health, travel, beauty, sports, arts, financial services, NGOs, and the public sector.

Branding & Design

The look & feel of your brand is in the right hands with Our design team. Our firm is home to specialist copywriters, graphics designers & production managers as well as animators and video marketing experts with years of proven creative capabilities.

Our creative works have been appreciated by some of the industry’s biggest clients on everything from full brand development & web design through to Ads, annual report design, fliers, posters, brochures, leaflets, and corporate stationery.

Website Development & Digital Marketing

Whether you need a new website or you’re redeveloping your existing one built, Houston Executive Consulting has experienced teams of digital designers, developers, and project managers at our subsidiary business, Geotech ICT Consulting – Uganda.

They can create tailored websites exactly as you may give the specifications. Other digital marketing services include specialist Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital and paid social advertising, and email marketing.


Let’s set your corporate image right with our expert practitioners who offer strategic consultancy and focused implementation. We deliver across consumer, business-to-business & corporate PR within a wide range of industry sectors. Some of these include specialist teams in health, property, tour and travel, culture and tradition, financial & not for profit.

Influencer Campaigns

The categories of influencers we work with range from celebrities to micro-influencers in a range of sectors. We

& implement strategic campaigns in key sectors including travel, consumer brands, financial services, property, and public health to help build brand advocacy.

We are available to manage all aspects of campaigns from identifying the right influencers to the point where we put programs in place and measuring their effectiveness.

Integrated Campaigns

Some client assignments require an integrated approach where we have to bring a cocktail of expertise in one place to produce the best results.

This explains why we mix behavior change experts, content creators, Public Relations (PR) gurus with advertising masterminds and sector specialists. These work as a perfect ingredient for the success of an integrated campaign. Find out more via

Crisis Communications

When something happens that threatens to damage your company’s identity, it’s time to help you with crisis management. This could be due to a product recall, allegations of employee or customer ill-treatment, CEO or employee misconduct, or any other kind of outrage. Whatever the cause, damage control can be essential to your organization’s future success.

We only design crisis communication after a major issue comes up. This happens especially if it’s been publicized both in print, broadcast, or social media. While some situations will blow over with time, others might not, which can lead to indefinite or permanent damage to your brand.

Our expertise in Public Relations can help spin the issue and change the narrative of the threat, which can help mitigate the crisis. A delay or misstep can lead to even more harm to your organization, so responding correctly and quickly is the key in crisis management.

Other Areas of Specialization

  • Consumer Products and Brands
  • Corporate Communications
  • Public Affairs / Government Relations
  • Not for Profit
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Online Reputation Management

Opportunities in PR, Media & Communication at HEC

Whether you are an experienced PR professional or just starting in the industry, Houston Executive Consulting is always on the lookout for superstars looking for great public relations and social media jobs to join our Company.

If you are sharp, resourceful, hardworking, and creative and are looking for a career where you can develop skills and thrive, please join us so that we can rally our efforts towards success.

We want you to specialize in carefully crafted communication using emerging strategies and technologies to foster a relationship between an organization and its public.


Houston Executive Consulting is the Best Public Relations Agency in Uganda. We Can Raise Your Brands, Sales, and Bottom-Line Results.

We have unrivaled Experienced in Developing Useful Communication Strategies for Workplaces, Media, and Public Relations in Uganda.

We Also Have Trained Experts in Communication, Digital Skills, Social Media Marketing & Interpersonal Skills Better Than All Other Full-Service PR Agencies, Media Firms & Communications Companies.

Useful Training Programmes

Communication Skills Training in Uganda

Digital Marketing Training Course in Kampala, Uganda – Africa


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