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Psychometric Testing in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania

We have expert level knowledge and practical experience in facilitating Psychometric Assessments in Uganda. We are responsive and compliant and with best HR and business management practices.

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Gain insight into your employee’s behaviors and the impact this has on your organization. Tests assess specific attributes: aptitude and reasoning capacity, situational and work-based understanding and personality.

Objectives And Scope of Psychometric Tests

The Psychometric Test is one of the assessments required for workplace positions. The results inform the final decision of the most suitable candidate for the job. It helps to assess the candidates against the attributes critical for delivery job requirements.

Results and Deliverables

  • Scripts of the assignments done by each candidate as proof of the tests given
  • A report showing each candidate’s ratings for each of the tests done
  • A final consolidated report of the candidates’ performance and recommendations
  • Any other value proposition as deemed applicable by the consultant

Our Experience

We have expert level knowledge and practical experience in facilitating Psychometric Assessments in Uganda

We ensure administration of psychometric tests that are reliable, valid, objective to measures of aspects such as aptitude, ability or personality trait. The tests are often timed and the results are standardized, which means they enable accurate comparisons to be made between candidates.

We are ready to facilitate the following categories of psychometric tests;

Aptitude or Ability Tests

these are designed to assess the candidate’s level of ability in a particular skill required for the target job. In most cases, these are questions focused on numerical, verbal, and diagrammatic cognition.

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)

These assess the potential employees’ approach to resolving problems in workplace situations. They are presented with a hypothetical workplace situation and will choose a response from pre-defined options. They may also rank the responses from best to worst.

Personality Questionnaires

Personality Questionnaires are designed to assess the candidate’s personality traits or preferences. They tool typically explores an individual behavior, attitudes, motivations or opinions. The tests help to identify candidates who are best suited for a specific position and estimate the likelihood of them excelling in the role.

Game-based Assessments

Games can be used to check natural behavior, goal setting, logic, cognitive problem-solving skills, decision making or even attention spans. Games involve scoring points or completing tasks within timeframes which can add to the “enjoyment factor” and make them seem less like a test but do consider what might be being assessed by the organization.

Virtual Reality (VR)

One emerging trend is the use of VR at assessment centers. VR enables us to create immersive and interactive environments in which candidates experience simulated scenarios and attempt to solve problems or complete challenges. Workplace scenarios are designed for example preparing for a training using items available in the VR scenario through to more imaginative activities.

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