Best Human Resource Consulting Services in Uganda

We can help you with Human Resource Management (HRM) with a strategic and coherent approach to the effective and efficient management of people in your company or organization such that they help your business gain a competitive advantage.

Houston Executive Consulting can help you with organizing, coordinating, and managing your current employees to carry out an organization’s mission, vision, and goals. This includes recruiting, hiring, training, compensating, retaining, and motivating employees.

Our HR Consultants are experts in delivering all aspects of human resource management as an external provider, and with the professional and business issues associated with operating such a practice. The following is a run down of the key HR services we provide:

HR Outsourcing (HRO) Services in Uganda

HR Outsourcing (HRO) Services in Uganda

We are always ready with our Human resources outsourcing services. This involves a client hiring us to manage personnel functions, including the administration of health benefits, retirement plans, and workers’ compensation insurance. It also includes recruitment (hiring), training, and legal advisory services.

Our Human Resource Consultants in Uganda have experience in HR strategy, Offshoring, Outsourcing, HR Technology, Payroll Recruitment process outsourcing, and HR practice.  We Handle Government Compliance with Tax, Work Permits & Social Security for Our Clients.

The HR outsourcing arrangement is governed by a service level agreement drawn between Houston Executive Consulting and your company. This spells out standards of performance by both parties.

Recruitment Selection & Talent Acquisition

We have experts who will work with you on the recruitment process from position analysis, writing job descriptions to look at CVs as well as looking ahead to succession planning.

We want to make sure that you find the best people for your team. This means finding someone with the right skills and competencies to carry out their role. it also means finding someone that will complement your team, your organization, and its culture.

Recruitment Selection & Talent Acquisition

Human Resource Development (Training)

Training and development involve improving the effectiveness of organizations and the individuals and teams within them. Training and development programs at Houston Executive Consulting help employees learn and acquire new skills and gain the professional knowledge required to progress their careers.

Employee Handbook (HR Policies)

We Build, Update, & Customize Employee Handbooks and HR Manuals. We ensure that employee handbooks are reviewed by our legal counsel for compliance with the Labour Legislation of Uganda and other employment regulations and are modified to suit your organization’s culture, industry, and practices.

By working with Houston Executive Consulting, you’ll save time, money and get peace of mind that your handbook is up to date with today’s ever-changing employment policies as may be put in place by the ministry of ender labour and social development. Our HR Consultants Have Unrivalled Experience Offering Similar Human Resources Services to Various Clients both in Uganda and abroad.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Houston Executive Consulting has designed a reliable HRMS using Advanced Microsoft Excel. We also work with both Local Experts and Partners in the USA to provide an HRMS that will help you improve the effectiveness of HR in your company and make better decisions. Get your hands-on better solutions like Employee benefits administration to simplify the tedious and paper-intensive HR Tasks. With employee benefits management services, you can automate, streamline, and empower your people to use self-service tools.

Our HRMS provides you with a complete solution for managing the entire employee life cycle from recruitment to post-employment with the following key solutions.

Human Resource (HR) Surveys in Uganda and Beyond

HR surveys are often used to solicit employee opinions on a variety of issues such as a company’s success in communicating its mission to employees or other items such as.

Creativity, workplace Innovation, job Satisfaction, Senior Management, Interpersonal Relations, Salary and Compensation, Benefits, Customer Service best practices, and Leadership.

Human resource surveys are a great way to get candid feedback from your employees that’ll help you create a healthier, happier, and productive workplace.

We have unrivaled experience in planning an employee survey, designing the survey, interpreting, and communicating the results. You may want feedback to guide you to ensure higher retention rates, lower absenteeism, improved productivity, better customer service, and higher employee morale.

You’re welcome to work with experts who have been prepared to manage International Human Resource Management with a career in HR leadership in the diverse and complex modern workplaces. They have analytical understanding of international business in the context of HR management.

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

We work as an Employer of Record (EOR) in Uganda, a third-party entity that legally assumes your employer responsibilities of managing payroll, tax withholding, employee benefits, and other human resources functions for employees placed by a separate company. Essentially, as an EOR we enable the hiring company to outsource the administrative burdens of being an employer while providing a safe and compliant solution for managing a contingent workforce.

Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services in Uganda

Part of our work is to ensure that our clients adhere to the health and safety requirements at work. This encompasses a wide range of duties and initiatives aimed at maintaining a safe working environment for employees, customers, and the public.

We can work with you to implement relevant pieces of legislation and case law that impose legal duties on matters ranging from the provision of insurance and written policies on health and safety to education and training for staff, risk assessments, and inspections.

Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services in Uganda