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Welcome to Houston Executive Consulting. We are the Leading Business Management & HR Consultants in Uganda. We provide advisory services to organizations to improve performance or in any way to assist in achieving organizational objectives.

Our Experts Work with Company Executives and Business Leaders. We Identify Organizational Challenges, Gather and Analyze Information, And Develop and Implement Solutions. Our Work Covers a Range of Areas Including Business Management, Marketing, Business Strategy, Supply Chain, Human Resource Management, Learning and Development Finance, and Technology.

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Discover exceptional HR consulting services in Uganda with our committed team. As a leading HR consulting firm, we specialize in creating customized solutions to optimize your workforce efficiency and drive organizational success. Contact us for expert advice on HR strategy, talent management, and employee engagement. Welcome to Houston Executive Consulting, Uganda’s top-notch HR consulting firm, dedicated to empowering organizations with strategic human resource solutions. With a proven track record of delivering excellence, we understand the unique challenges businesses face in Uganda’s dynamic market.

We provide professional services to businesses, including strategic planning, training and development, digital marketing, HR, research, and nonprofit consulting. Our team of experts specializes in management consulting services, such as business plan development, change management, and restructuring. We’re a leading business consultancy firm in Kampala, Uganda, committed to helping businesses improve their practices and solve problems.

As a Management Consulting Firm In Uganda, we understand the unique challenges businesses in this region face. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the local market and can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. We work closely with our clients to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to enhance their performance and drive growth.


We have helped businesses in various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and retail. Our approach is collaborative, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet and exceed their expectations.

Work with Experienced Management Consultants in Uganda. Get the Best Consultancy CVs & Profiles in Uganda and meet the top Business Management Consultants in Uganda. Get Expert Advice from Human Resource (HR) Consultants in Uganda, Research Consultants in Uganda, Training Consultants in Kampala, Finance, Accounting and Tax Consultants. Monitoring and Evaluation Consultants and Occupational Safety & Health Experts.

Details about our Consultancy Services in Uganda

Uganda Company Formation & Registrations

Company Formation Made Effortless, from $220. Register Your Limited Company with The Uganda’s Leading Company Formations Agent. Start your business in Uganda the right way. Our registration packages make it simple to create the correct legal entity for your company, whether you are a small start-up, non-profit or have international ambitions for the future. Our expert team can help you identify the ideal corporate structure for your business.

Tax Advisory Services in Uganda

Our Certified Tax Advisors & consultants will help you with a variety of tax-related issues. Mainly, they make sure you comply with tax rules and regulations. We use our expertise and knowledge of the Uganda tax code to help individuals and businesses pay what they owe. We also Help Clients Get TIN Numbers, File Returns, Register for the Different Tax Heads. We are Here to Help you Avoid Tax Penalties, and Offences.

Strategic Planning Consultation

Strategic planning is crucial for a business to succeed.  It creates a map for a business to follow and course correct when need be. Our work is to analyze your company and lead you down the path of smart business decisions about the business, budgets, goals, and the mission statement. Houston Executive Consulting has mastered the process of defining strategy, and making decisions on allocating resources to pursue your strategy.

Training and Development

Training and development involve improving the effectiveness of organizations and the individuals and teams within them. Employee Training enhance employee performance, boost employee productivity, reduce employee turnover, and improve company culture. Houston Executive Consulting is the leading provider of Industry Recognized Training Certifications in Uganda.

Research and Data Collection

At Houston Executive Consulting, we are very passionate about creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings. You can trust our team with your creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge. We are ready to collect, organize, and analyze data to increase understanding of any topic or issue under investigation or survey.

Occupational Health and Safety Advisory

Occupational Health and Safety (OSH), occupational health, or occupational safety, is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people at occupation. Houston Executive Consulting can help put in place the essential elements that every workplace safety program which address Active employee involvement across all levels, thorough worksite analysis, hazard prevention & control, and ongoing safety training and education.

HR Consultancy Services

Our responsibilities as an HR consultant include: Advising management on human resources plans and processes. Analyzing the organization’s current HR programmes and suggesting solutions to existing problems. We also Develop, Review, and share advice on how to apply HR policies and procedures.

HR Consultancy Services

Our responsibilities as an HR consultant include: Advising management on human resources plans and processes. Analyzing the organization’s current HR programmes and suggesting solutions to existing problems. We also Develop, Review, and share advice on how to apply HR policies and procedures.

Recruitment, Selection & Resourcing Talent

We can help you to anticipate the required human capital for your organization and the planning to meet those needs. This is a critical business consideration that contributes directly to an organization’s ability to build a skilled workforce and achieve its goals.
We can help you to manage the overall process of identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing suitable candidates for jobs within an organization. We consider the nature of your business, working practices, systems, processes, and industry norms. Are you looking for exceptional staff? Let’s Talk!

Learning and Development | Employee Training

Learning and Development are intended to ensure that employees have the knowledge, skills, and experience to fulfill individual and organizational needs and ambitions.
We can identify learning and development needs at a range of levels, and leverage the results to enable greater business performance.
We facilitate training for all categories of staff. Our training programs provide managers, and senior leaders with evidence-led recommendations and practical tools to transform the organizations.

HR Outsourcing & Payroll Management

We already have a contractual agreement with clients who transferred the management of, and responsibility for, their HR functions to our company.
We act as an employer of record for employees operating in support of your organization in Uganda. Our company can recruit, and contract staff on behalf of your company, following the guidelines and job descriptions as provided.
Our cost is always fair and reasonable and shows efficient use of resources. We always share a cost breakdown for the implementation of their solution for your organization in Ugandan Shillings (UGX). The key areas include:

  • Setup fees cover the cost of legally onboarding employees including the construction of the local employment contract, complete set up of in-country payroll, registration with the local authorities, and ensuring compliance with relevant tax codes
  • Payroll and HR services
  • Social Security Registration Services (if applicable)
  • Agency fee
  • VAT (if applicable)
  • Miscellaneous (bank fees, legal fees, etc.)

Performance Management and Organizational Performance

We can help you to create a culture that encourages the continuous improvement of individuals’ skills, behaviors, and contributions to the organization. It’s a key part of the relationship between staff and managers.

We create a process of ensuring that a set of activities and outputs meets an organization’s goals effectively and efficiently.

We help you set clear objectives, measure performance, and employee contribution, and drive skills development. We integrate performance management into your day-to-day business operations so it becomes part of how you work. We can also train you on performance management, and appraisal, and how to conduct 360-degree feedback surveys.

Developing Your HR Strategy

A Human Resource strategy will be your overall plan for managing the human capital to align it with your business activities.

An HR strategy is an integral part of engaging people to achieve corporate goals, create an attractive work environment and a strong organizational culture. The Human Resource strategy sets the direction for all the key areas of HR, including hiring, performance appraisal, development, and compensation.

We can help you develop an HR strategy that is aligned with and helps you deliver your company strategy. We are aware that each organization is unique in terms of challenges, opportunities, and people. We consider all aspects of an HR framework in developing a robust HR strategy.

Developing Your HR Policy & Procedure | Employee Handbook

An HR policy provides the necessary framework to manage people effectively in any organization. It is sometimes also known as an employee manual, staff handbook, or company policy, and procedure manual is a book that you give to your employees.

We develop it to provides ‘the rules that define how an organization operates daily in respect to its people. Procedures describe how to carry out or implement policies fairly and transparently.

At Houston Executive Consulting, we develop tailored HR policies covering all aspects of the employment lifecycle from attracting and recruiting talent through to exit. We design it in such a way that will help you to comply with the labor legislation of Uganda

Job Evaluation and Grading

We follow a systematic way of determining the value/worth of a job in relation to other jobs in your organization. We ensure that there is a systematic comparison between jobs to assess their relative worth to establish a rational pay structure. It helps us to compare job roles internally and externally.

Our experts have extensive experience in developing job descriptions for a variety of job roles across numerous industry sectors and develop grading structures based on widely used job evaluation methodologies.

Employee Rewards & Benefits

Employee benefits are the ‘perks’ an employer offers to attract and retain employees, contribute towards improving well-being, and enhancing staff engagement. The main purpose is to attract and keep people, contribute towards improving wellbeing and encourage required behaviors, achievements, values, and skills.

Rewards are also good for your business to recognize staff contribution. We can help you to achieve the most effective reward packages. These support the business strategy, the staff wants, and the organization’s purpose, culture, and performance, fairly and consistently.

We can do external benchmarking and internal salary alignment. Whether you are looking for performance-based reward packages or incentive schemes, we will help your business build and implement a comprehensive compensation and benefits framework.

HR Surveys (Employee Opinion, Salary Surveys & Employee Satisfaction Surveys)

An employee satisfaction survey is a powerful survey that Human Resource Managers can use to understand the level of satisfaction of the employees. The best way to measure, analyze, and gain insight into the health of your organization is through the employee satisfaction survey.

Our company is specialized in designing the survey,interpreting and communicating the results, and demonstrating to the organization that the feedback has been taken seriously.

The three most common types of employee surveys include employee opinion and satisfaction surveys, employee culture surveys, and employee engagement surveys.

  • Employee opinion and satisfaction surveys measure employee views, attitudes, and perceptions of their organization (also known as “climate surveys”).
  • An employee culture survey measures the point of view of employees and is designed to assess whether it aligns with that of the organization or its departments.
  • Employee engagement surveys measure employees’ commitment, motivation, sense of purpose, and passion for their work and organization.

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Team Members

Dr. Alfred Wamurubu (Ph.D.)
Dr. Alfred Wamurubu (Ph.D.) Managing Partner & Lead Management Consultant at HEC
Robert Mwesige
Robert Mwesige HR & Business Management Consultant
Richard Kanyesigye
Richard Kanyesigye Standard & Advanced Microsoft Excel Facilitator in Uganda
Hazra Okem
Hazra Okem Grant Writing Training Facilitator & Consultant M&E

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We have happy clients and satisfied who have taken thir time to write for us customer testimonials, recommendations and endorsements to affirm the value of our services.

“Training on Advanced Microsoft Excel With Huston Executive Consulting Has Been Impactfully And Mind Opening to The Possibilities of Working Smart in A Work Environment. Please Try Them Out, You Won’t Regret!! Thank You!!!”
“Training on Tax Operation and Compliance Was Fantastic. Knowledgeable Trainer, Good Venue and Meals, Well Managed Logistics.
Communication and Interpersonal Skills Straining Held On 7-8th October,2020 At Royal Suites, Bugolobi. In terms of accessibility, the meeting venue was conducive enough, the facilitator brought out the topics so well. The training aids where availed and the facilitator made sure that everyone participates in the two days training hence making it so enjoyable to every participant. In a nutshell, the training was excellently carried out and special thanks go out to Mr. Robert Mwesige and the whole Houston Executive Consulting Team at large

“Leadership Skills Training 09/10 September 2020. The 2 Day Intensive Training Was Tailor Made, Well Organized and An Interactive Session. Questions and Discussion Were Encouraged, My Trainer Robert Was Quite Eloquent and Knowledgeable in His Delivery, And So Was His Guest Trainer Mark, the General Manager of Eureka Place Hotel Who Gave Us A Clear Insight on What Makes A Good Leader. I feel comfortable enough to take on a leadership role based on the outcome of this training. I look forward to learning with HE Consulting again in future, overall,

“They are a very good & top recruitment company in Uganda. They also offer professional business services for young entrepreneurs. Their training services are also high end and can be recommended for any corporate organization. With them, you are sure.
Ms. Winnie Wanyenze, Business Woman
“Houston Executive Consulting (HEC) is the Leading Management Consulting Company in Uganda which is listed in the Register of Providers at PPDA as a Management Consultancy Firm. In Uganda, the firm provides Human Resource (HR) services like Employment Placement, Manpower Outsourcing, Training,
Communication & Interpersonal Skills training has been the most energizing training for me YTD. The training objective has been achieved. We had time for Q & A and group discussions inter alia. The two-day training has imparted essential knowledge & skills which i will share in my organization. I have no reservations in recommending Houston Executive Consulting & Its Communication Guru, Robert Mwesige To Other Organizations
Mr. Bernard Ngabe, HR Manager Bidco Uganda Ltd
Mwesige Robert was a great consultant. He has indeed done a great job of training us how to handle sales in the field. Glad to host him
Ms. Arinaitwe Carol, ClinicPesa

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