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We Have the Best Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in Uganda and across East Africa. Get a Human Resource Information System that will make your Human Resource Management work easy because of the unique Established Systems & Processes.

Get ready to test a refined & enjoyable Modern Human Resource Management (HRM) Practice where you use modern Information Technology (IT) Systems.

This is an HRIS system that will provide varied information on everything employees related or even more!

Our solutions make information available & make its processing even easier. The HRIS is designed such that employees can help the HR department while doing some tasks which enables HR personnel to commit to more strategic tasks.


Staff/Employee Records

Capture the data you need to have about a given employee and enjoy Report Generation including Employee information (name, age, qualification, etc.). You get to understand and manage/interact/integrate databases and IT into the HR management function.

Payroll Module

The HR Information System is very useful for payroll processing. This is concerned with obtaining employee attendance records and creating paychecks while taking into account deductions and taxes. It can also extend to produce worker tax reports which are Manually resource intensive & time-wasting. What a good time to use HR payroll software in Uganda!

Time and Attendance

This module helps the organization to manage workplace check-in time and leaving the workplace. You can also use it for Shift Schedule Management. It can also be useful in monitoring Employee absenteeism and turnover

Leave or Holiday Management

Get the best of The Leave Tracking Process which will enable you to View Leave applications, Type of leave requested. You can then Review the requests approve or reject the request. The employee can adjust or withdraw the request. Get inbuilt operating instructions relative to the operation of HRIS

Performance Management, Appraisal & Assessments

Conduct Objective Employee Evaluations by Maintains the required tasks for an employee to complete during the appraisal period. Generate a Report on tasks that have not been completed during the appraisal period. With our HRMS, you can create customized assignments for each employee and Manages the approval process

Recruitment Management

Comprehensive processing helps to reduce your data entry requirements through a completely online application. The system also Integrates with current ERP and inter-system processing. The system also serves as Serve as the database manager and administrator for HR Applications.

Training Module

This offers a way to manage & keep track of the employee training and professional development programs. It makes it possible for the HR Team to keep an eye on employee education, qualification, and skills while determining the best way to train and educate them even better.

Employee Self-Service Module

enables the employees to take over some duties traditionally reserved for HR. Such include employees updating their benefits records and querying attendance records while supervisors can view and approve or decline over time hour requests from employees without involving the HR personnel.

Health and Safety Records.

The HRMS also helps in the Maintenance of, safety and health records for every employee.

On Request, the Following Modules Can Be Customized as Per Organizational Needs:

  • Organizational charting
  • Testing of skills and aptitudes
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Buildings Management
  • Success Planning

At Houston Executive Consulting, we partner with the HR team, Payroll/Finance, and IT at your organization to ensure that systems are effectively meeting the needs of the HR team.

The Human Resource Management Information Systems (HRMIS) is a secured online tool used to manage your employees’ records and posting of transactions such as leave and payroll. It will enable your employees, Admin. Officers and Head of Departments to have easy access to employees’ information and facilitate the processing of employment transactions.

Many organizations are looking for Personnel Information System to help with updating/printing of Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and assignment of employee numbers and employment details. You may also be interested in Time and Attendance Monitoring which gives you access to viewing/printing of Daily Time Record (DTR), setting of holidays, official travel, and other attendance-related transactions.

Your people will have an opportunity to submit a leave application and its approval processes will be managed by Leave Application and Management Module. You can print approved leave applications, Keep Track of Leave Index

Need Assistance?

Work with top HUMAN RESOURCES INFORMATION SYSTEM SPECIALIST (HRIS), you will have your Human Resources Management Service (HRMS) Streamlined. Our experts know a wide range of HRIS applications, HR concepts, laws, regulations, policies, and precedents. Our Developers & Support Teams have worked with the best human resource information systems in Uganda. you can trust that they know the operations of the different HR software.

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