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Getting Professional Help with Taxes in Uganda

Uganda Tax laws require all companies to be compliant all the time. We have tax agents and consultants who can prepare income tax returns for an affordable fee.

Select a qualified tax professional when you need help with the preparation of returns or for assistance with audits or appeals.

Need Help from One of Our Tax Filing Experts? No worries. We Have Tax Offices Agents and Consultants to Help You with Compliance.

We offer direct practical tax advice making a complex and confusing subject understandable and clear for your business. We provide tax advisory services to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and Entrepreneurial individuals.

We believe in providing practical advice, and compliance support in all areas of taxation to businesses of varying sizes predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises.

We can support you with compliance issues like:

  • Assistance in obtaining tax registration (TIN)
  • Understanding the tax laws and regulations relevant to your business and industry
  • Encouraging you to pay taxes on time
  • Filing all tax returns before deadlines
  • Maintaining adequate records for tax audit purposes
  • Working out the correct tax liabilities
  • Avoiding fines and penalties from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Our taxation advisory services will put in place a proper tax management system for your organization by qualified tax accountants and tax advisors.

We have trained and experienced experts to deal with various aspects of Uganda Taxation. Our Tax Advisory Services can be quite comprehensive and could cover a wide range of business and personal situations covering:

  • PAYE, Payroll Services in Uganda
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) Services
  • Corporation Tax Services
  • Personal Tax Services for Employed Persons, Individuals, and Self-Employed Persons
  • Tax Planning in Uganda
  • Tax Return Preparation & Filing
  • Tax Consulting
  • Tax Audit Representation
  • Payroll Services and Setup
  • Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Forecasting Cash Flow
  • Internal Control Management
  • Real Estate

3 Tips for Finding Good Tax Help

Do Your Research: Find tax help that will be responsive to your questions, honest, ethical, understanding of your tax situation, and available after the returns are filed or audit is complete.

Watch out for Scams: Use extreme caution in selecting tax help that guarantees a refund or reduction in tax, claims they can save you more money than the competition or is not clear and upfront about their fees.

Remember You are Responsible: A credible, professional tax practitioner will not ask you to report inaccurate information, sign a blank return, or make false claims.HEC Tax Audit Help

URA can choose to review your income tax return for accuracy if it believes some or all of your return is incorrect. This process is generally referred to as a tax audit. Although many people fear the audit, it does not necessarily mean you have broken any tax laws.

It also does not mean your return is definitely incorrect. It may mean you need audit representation from an HEC tax firm with experience in managing audit preparations.

Many times, an individual that is subject to an audit immediately assumes that they will need an attorney. This is not always the case – in fact, many times a Tax Agent is a great choice for audit representation.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a URA tax audit, Houston Executive Consulting Tax Consultants can thoroughly analyze and defend your case, giving you the peace of mind, you need to navigate the review process.

What to Bring to Your Initial Consultation?

When you meet with Houston Executive Consulting for your initial consultation, you will need to bring all documents that pertain to your case. These include the notice or notices sent by the URA, an accurate and complete copy of the return you submitted, and any supporting documentation.

These supporting documents can include:

  • expense receipts
  • property tax statements
  • documents pertaining to your business
  • income information
  • any other important tax documents that are relevant to the year being audited.

It is important to share all information pertaining to the audited year to achieve the most favorable result. It is much better to hire an accountant to defend your case early in the audit process rather than wait until the URA threatens to levy or collect on the tax debt it thinks you owe.

Business Tax Services – Industry, Entity, and Advisory Tax Strategies

At Houston Executive Consulting, we offer a comprehensive approach to business taxes that combines subject matter expertise with a passion for responsiveness and client satisfaction.

Our Uganda business tax services range from ensuring URA tax compliance, to tax planning and problem resolution and are relevant to business entities such as corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships.

Local Tax Compliance Services

At HEC, our reputation for quality service is built on preparing timely and accurate tax returns for our clients. We work with clients to create an accurate estimate of taxes owed so they can pay on time and avoid interest and penalties.

Our tax specialists have been trained to avoid tax issues by getting them right the first time. Should you receive a notice from the URA, you can feel confident knowing that we’ll tell you what the notice means and find the quickest resolution possible.

With our help, our clients never need to deal directly with a URA tax auditor. Even if we did not prepare the return in question, we can help businesses and individuals resolve tax issues.

Tax Planning and Advisory Services in Uganda

Almost every major business & entrepreneur decision has a tax implication. Working collaboratively and proactively, we help clients understand the tax consequences of business decisions and determine the best tax strategies to achieve their financial goals.

Our tax planning and advisory solutions are tailored to our clients’ industry-specific needs, which can include:

Strategies for Tax Savings: Our clients from the major industries benefit from cost segregation studies for improvement projects, maintenance, repairs, and accessing available tax exemptions.

Cost Studies: We have assisted clients by taking on major projects that include advisory, audits, and evaluating available local tax incentives.

Taxation Training in Uganda

As part of our Taxation Advisory Services in Uganda, we organize annual training events in form of workshops with an invitation of the officials from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to meet: Chief Financial Officers, Finance Managers, Accountants, Financial Controllers, Procurement Staff, Human Resource Department, Payroll Managers, Risk & Compliance Officers, Internal Audit Staff, Executive Directors, CEOs, Lawyers, Country Directors/Managers & Others with Interest in Taxation, Reporting, and Compliance Requirements.

Our Training Workshops are always aimed at providing participants in practice with key information about the compliance and planning risks inherent in tax transactions and the operation of any businesses in Uganda.

Participants are assured of gaining knowledge of the major areas of tax risk and key danger areas to identify in the business.

In the year 2020, The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) launched Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS). It is aimed at improving compliance is by facilitating transactional-based revenue collections.

Ensuring that your organization complies with the relevant tax Regulations is one of the pre-requisites for long-term organizational efficiency and success.

It is prudent to have your entire management team fully equipped with the right knowledge and tools about company tax, tax for logistics/purchasing departments, tax for the general finance function, and tax for human resources (for those responsible for employee payroll & benefits).

The training helps organizations to be part of a comprehensive compliance improvement strategy that can produce effective results, both in terms of additional revenue and improved taxpayer behavior. Learn how to use EFRIS for e-invoicing, and to keep better records of sales.

Participants learn how to register and be on the right side of compliance before EFRIS’s extensive enforcement measures begin. The system is an affordable, simplified and secure mechanism through which all relevant tax information on business transactions is electronically relayed to URA.

Need Live Support? Call +256700801771 or Find an Office and Book An Appointment today.  Our knowledgeable tax pros including CPAs and Enrolled Agents can help!

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