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We are the leading provider of external board evaluations and reviews in Uganda. We have a strong track record in delivering external board evaluations that add genuine value to the board. As an independent firm, our evaluation process can meaningfully enhance the objectivity and rigor of the process and results.

Houston Executive Consulting is well-positioned to provide an independent and unbiased board evaluation of your organization’s board of directors. We lead the evaluation process by conducting interviews, providing evaluation questions, and reviewing questionnaire responses.

Our proven board assessment methodology addresses the specific governance model and circumstances of each board to identify and remove obstacles to better performance and enhance existing strengths.

Houston Executive Consulting is here to provide feedback on board culture, structure, and composition – and to ensure that critical stakeholders and constituencies are represented. We bring new and different perspectives, both gained from work with other companies as well as simply being from outside your organization, which can lead to improved action-item development and evaluation results.


As experienced providers, we determine the best approaches to collect the relevant primary data and carry out the data analysis and interpretation of the same. Our board evaluation process clarifies goals and improves accountability by delivering objective feedback to individual directors, committees, and the board.

When you bring Houston Executive Consulting for your board evaluation, we bring greater objectivity and fresh insights to the process, and to help the board identify any issues that it might need to address.


We uncover opportunities through interviews with key stakeholders, focusing on the board’s top areas of concern. Conducting well-planned, skillful interviews as part of the evaluation process can elicit more valuable, detailed, sensitive, and candid director feedback as compared to questionnaires.


Based on input and best practices, we develop insights and a road map of action steps. Data analysis will involve the extraction of meaningful information from raw data. The analysis will be guided by the terms of reference.

Presenting the Key Findings

Our board evaluation process delivers a report and debriefs of issues or concerns, clarifies common objectives, and ensures a cohesive team moving forward. A written report provides the overall fitness-for-purpose of the Board, with recommendations to enhance its efficacy and structure where applicable.

A board evaluation measures the accountability, transparency, and effectiveness of board members over a given period.

Outcomes And Deliverables

In most of the assignments we have handled, the desired outcome from this service is to have a responsive, efficient, and effective Board. Where shortfalls are identified, recommendations for improvement can be acted upon to ensure best governance practices are followed, with the Board fully aligned with the organization’s strategic direction.


  1. a) Draft Report of the evaluation exercise incorporating directors’ feedback;
  2. b) Our independent evaluation;
  3. c) Findings and recommendations for improvement;
  4. d) Final report.

We recognize that maintaining a best-in-class board structure in key areas including;

  1. Roles and responsibilities – Measure the extent to which the members successfully fulfill their responsibilities and key roles as laid out in their terms of reference at the beginning of the contract period. Also, determine the extent to which the directors contribute to achieving the company’s objectives.
  2. Structures and procedures – we determine how well the board and its committees abide by best practices in their structure and procedures in line with the organizational objectives.
  3. Appropriate board behavior – Identify the behavior patterns of individual directors and the culture of the board and committees, and how this supports the effective functioning of the board.
  4. Assess and improve corporate governance performance – Through close observation of board members, data analysis, and benchmarking against industry peers, board directors are supported in developing better governance. We want to make sure that you have an executive committee that jointly supervises the activities of an organization, which can be either a for-profit or a nonprofit organization such as a business, nonprofit organization, or government agency.
  5. Improve board effectiveness – Our report covers the role of directors, director relationships, agenda setting, preparation for meetings, the effectiveness of meetings, board committees, and communication issues.

Stakeholder Benefits for Board Assessment

Board Assessment benefits stakeholders in the following ways:

  • Leadership: Sets the performance tone and culture of the organization.
  • Clarity of Role: Enables distinction between the roles of the CEO, Chairman, and the Board
  • Teamwork: Builds the Board – CEO – Management relationship
  • Accountability: Improves stakeholder relationships and governance standards
  • Decision Making: Clarifies strategic focus and corporate goals
  • Communication: Improves stakeholder relationships, Board-Management relationships, and Board-CEO relationships
  • Board Operations: Ensures an appropriate top-level policy framework exists to guide the organization

In terms of qualification, our team has required levels of competence to ensure our contributions are informed and constructive. Areas of capability include, but are not limited to:

  • A track record of carrying out independent board performance reviews
  • Direct experience of board practice – derived from our consultants being directors, company secretaries or other professional
  • Knowledge of, and expertise in, governance and behavioral issues
  • We have management and commercial experience
  • Financial expertise
  • Communication, personal and interpersonal skills including tact and discretion; or possession of relevant professional qualifications and up-to-date professional knowledge

Actions that may be taken as a result of their board evaluation

The evaluation is a task that is intended to ensure that the board still leaves to the expectations of protecting the company’s assets and shareholders’ interest, forming corporate policies, making policies, crisis management, and strategic decision making Some examples of actions after a board evaluation include:

  • Expanded director search and recruitment practices
  • Improvements to the format and timing of board materials
  • More time to review key issues like strategy and cybersecurity
  • Enhanced director orientation programs
  • Changes to board structure and composition
  • Changes to director tenure or retirement age limits
  • Changes to company and board governance documents
  • Improved evaluation process

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