Best School Management System in Uganda

Best School Management System in Uganda

Welcome to the industry-leading educational management system in Uganda. It is designed with Advanced Microsoft Excel tools and business intelligence dashboards.

A school management system in excel is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and automate various administrative and academic processes. It is available for educational institutions both in Uganda and abroad.

Key Features in our School Management System include:

Student Information Database

With the student database management system, you can easily record personal information, contact details, attendance records, academic performance, and disciplinary history.

In every school, student database is the centerpiece of our student information system. It is fully integrated with all other features within the management system. It offers a centralized view for school administrators, and instructors, to quickly find the information they need. Everyone is assigned relevant levels of access and control.

Grading System

Our expert has used grades in Excel involving functions such as IF, Nested IF, AND, and OR to evaluate a student’s scores. Easily customize and assign weights to the assignments, quizzes, tests or any other exercises you wish to track in your gradebook.

Enables the creation, scheduling, and management of exams and assessments. It is designed to have multiple grading scales and use custom formulas to calculate a final grade for your class. You can easily generate Progress Reports and Report Cards quickly.

Teacher Information Management

Similar to student management, this module of focuses on managing teacher information, including contact details, qualifications, teaching assignments, and performance evaluations.

Class Scheduling

Imagine your teachers having accurate information about their lessons all in one place. This can help you to create and manage class schedules for students and teachers. While designing this feature, we considered factors like subject requirements, teacher availability, and classroom availability to optimize the timetable.

Fees Collection and Finance

Helps manage student fees, including fee collection, overdue payment reminders, and financial reporting. Gain Access Education Budgets and financial forecasts designed exclusively for the education sector. This has been created alongside leading education figures to improve financial visibility within your educational institution.


Confidently prepare your school’s budget with our leading cloud-based solution specifically designed for the education sector. Helping you create accurate, balanced school budgets and forecasts for up to 5 years.

HR & Payroll Management

Our school HR and Payroll offering has something for all schools. It not only gives you the ability to pay your staff on time and the correct amount, but track sickness and leave, and allows your staff to self-serve viewing their information and updating their own details. Creating a full seamless approach.

Parent Communication & School Payments

Your all-in-one parent engagement platform. Simplify communications whilst reducing administration costs but still keeping your parents informed of what really matters day-to-day.  This is possible with mail merger and other intelligence tools.


Reports & Transcripts

Facilitates the creation and management of grade books, allowing teachers to input grades and generate report cards for students. Courses and grades are automatically populated to save you time. In addition, the templates are highly customizable and support a ton of options – you can even have your own custom-built template for your school.

On request, we can also include features including:

  • Attendance Management which automates the attendance tracking process, making it easier to monitor student and teacher attendance. Some systems can also send automated alerts to parents if a student is absent without prior notice.
  • Communication and Messaging platform for effective communication between teachers, parents, and school administrators. This may include announcements, email notifications, and instant messaging, and emails.
  • Library Management which aids in managing the school library, including book cataloging, check-in/check-out, and overdue book notifications.
  • Transportation Management suitable for schools with transportation facilities, this feature helps manage routes, schedules, and vehicle assignments.
  • Health and Medical Records, a feature that will keep track of students’ health and medical records, including allergies, vaccinations, and medical visits.
  • Inventory Management to assist your school in managing school inventory, such as school supplies, equipment, and assets.
  • Hostel/Boarding Management (if applicable) used mostly by boarding schools, this feature helps manage student accommodation, room assignments, and related facilities.

Our Pricing Model for The School Management System

  • 3 Day Training on Usage at UGX: 3,000,000
  • Enterprise Plan One Time Purchase at UGX: 5,000,000
  • 1 Free Laptop/Desktop
  • Support at UGX: 1,000,000 per month (Optional)
  • System Upgrade After 3 Years: 200,000 per user

We are aware that functionality and extent of these features can vary across different school management system in excel solutions. it’s essential to evaluate the specific needs and requirements of the school to ensure we give you a system that aligns with those needs.

Our core school solutions are designed to promote greater efficiencies in schools, academies and Multi-Academy Trusts when performing key financial management activities and managing the people within your educational establishment.

Providing school management system in excel to help every function, our core solutions consist of: school budgeting system in excel to help increase financial visibility and forecasting, education finance system in excel to help with reporting and tracking, school payroll services and HR system in excel in order to track and report on key KPI’s.

Our other solutions consist of parent engagement system in excel, a parents’ evening system, an online school payments platform for cashless transactions, a revision hub for students, and award-winning content and assessment, that’s proven to raise attainment whilst most importantly saving educators’ time.

Moreover, managing and organizing each class and scheduling everything with perfection is not humanly possible. An efficient online school management system in excel can get the job done with perfection and that too fully online.

Get efficiency and engagement across your whole educational institution or school, university of college. This is specialist school management system for schools and academies.

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