Microsoft Power Bi Training Course in Uganda

Learn How to Turn Data into Opportunity with Microsoft Power Bi Data Visualization Tools. Drive Better Business Decisions by Analyzing Your Business Data for Insights.

Use Interactive Visualizations and Business Intelligence Capabilities with An Interface Simple Enough for End Users to Create Their Reports and Dashboards. It Is Part of The Microsoft Power Platform.

Your data may be an Excel spreadsheet or a collection of cloud-based and on-premises hybrid data warehouses. Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources, visualize and discover what’s important, and share that with anyone or everyone you want.

Connect to, Model, And Visualize Your Data, Creating Memorable Reports Personalized with Your KPIs And Brand.

Taking the Power BI Masterclass series with HEC will prepare you to start your data analytics career. You can quickly create stunning reports in Power BI, transform messy data into the right format, generate valuable insights for yourself and your company.

Improve your strategic decision-making and create competitive advantages with the ability to write powerful advanced DAX calculations in Microsoft Power BI, design Power BI Reports, and create Power BI Dashboards (Reports) in no time.

Why You Should Learn and Use Power BI

Power BI consists of different Parts Including a Windows desktop application called Power BI Desktop, Power BI mobile apps for Windows, iOS & Android devices, plus the online SaaS (Software as a Service) service called the Power BI service.

These three elements are designed to help you create, share & interface with business insights in a way that serves you and your role most effectively while saving effort and time.

The fourth element of Power BI is the one called Power BI Report Server which can enable you to publish Power BI reports to an on-premises report server, after creating them in Power BI Desktop.

Learn more about all these with our Training on Power BI in Kampala, Uganda. the training is premised on helping you get better at Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI. Being a powerful cloud-based service, it can help data scientists visualize and share insights from their data at any time.

You’ll be taken through Power BI, end to end, starting from how you can easily connect to and import your data, develop reports using Power BI Desktop, and publish those reports to the Power BI service. You will also learn how to create dashboards and share them with business users both on the web and on mobile devices.



  • What do you need for this course?
  • Using the Exercise Files
  • Overview: Power BI Concepts
  • Power BI Desktop and other Power BI tools
  • Sign Up for Power BI
  • Install Power BI Desktop
  • Launch Power BI Desktop


  • Overview of Power BI Data Sources
  • Connect to a SaaS Solution | Web data source
  • Connect To | Upload a CSV File
  • Connect To | Upload an Excel File
  • Connect To | Upload a Database (Access) File
  • Connect to Facebook
  • Import an Excel data model


  • Reduce data with the Query Editor
  • Transform data: Filter | Set data type | Replace values
  • Transform data: Unpivot | Transform text |Number columns
  • Insert a custom column
  • Append data to a query
  • Add an index column
  • Clean up data
  • Relate tables in your model
  • Merge data
  • Use lookup tables in a dataset


  • Explore the Power BI Service
  • Overview of visualizations
  • Using visualizations
  • Create a new report
  • Create and arrange visualizations
  • Format a visualization
  • Create chart visualizations
  • Use text and gauge visualizations and save a report
  • Create map visualizations
  • Use a slicer to filter visualizations
  • Sort, copy, and paste visualizations
  • Download and use a custom visual from the gallery
  • Rename and delete report pages
  • Add a filter to a page or report
  • Set visualization interactions
  • Print or duplicate a report page


  • Create and manage dashboards
  • Pin a report tile to a dashboard
  • Pin a report page as a live tile
  • Pin a tile from another dashboard
  • Install Power BI Publisher for Excel
  • Pin an Excel element to a dashboard
  • Manage pinned elements in Excel
  • Add a tile to a dashboard
  • Build a dashboard with Quick Insights
  • Set a Featured (default) dashboard


  • Ask a question with Power BI Q&A
  • Tweak your dataset for Q&A
  • Enable Cortana for Power BI


  • Overview: Sharing reports and dashboards
  • Publish a report to the web
  • Update and delete published reports
  • Share a dashboard
  • Unshare a dashboard
  • Create a group and add users
  • Create a QR code for a tile or dashboard

Learn Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

Learn and use Microsoft Power BI to Manage Your Business Data & Make Informed Decisions.

We developed this course to help employees who manage business data to be equipped with the modern art and science of business analytics/business intelligence software. Join us and learn all the relevant PBI basics and also master more advanced concepts step by step.

The purpose the tool is being used for will vary from learner to learner, but this learning covers key areas of navigation, design, sharing, and presenting. You can use this learning resource as required for the areas that you need support on.

This learning resource will give learners the knowledge and the confidence to use the Power BI tool over other methods of recording, visualizing, and presenting data such as PowerPoint presentations.

Power BI is robust business analytics and visualization tool from Microsoft that helps data professionals bring their data to life and tell more meaningful stores.

Training is a beginner’s guide to working with data in Power BI and is perfect for professionals. You’ll become confident in working with data, creating data visualizations, and preparing reports and dashboards.

Take this course if you are a:

  • Beginner level data professional
  • Student, Researcher, or Academic
  • Marketing analyst, business and data analyst, or financial analyst

Course Requirement: Windows computer. (Power BI Desktop is only available on Windows. Mac users can use, but this has limited capabilities and will not follow directly with the course).

Microsoft Power Bi Training Course in Uganda. Work with Power BI Consultants in Kampala. Get Power BI, Navigate Power BI, and Design with Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI Enhances Business Intelligence or Business Analytics. MS Power BI is An Advanced Yet Easy to Get Started Self-Service Business Analytics / Business Intelligence Solution Provided by Microsoft.

Top 10 Reasons Why Power Bi is still Leaders for Analytics and BI Platforms

  1. Power BI Insights, Office 365 productivity—integrated into Excel and Microsoft Teams.
  2. Connect to data anywhere with hundreds of built-in connectors with Power Query.
  3. Quickly build systems of intelligence with Power BI + Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.
  4. Go from insight to action with Microsoft Power Platform.
  5. Only BI product with built in Data Loss Prevention through Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App security.
  6. Industry leading AI to help you find answers fast.
  7. Best in class mobile experiences with Power BI Mobile.
  8. Cloud maturity—rely on one of the largest and fastest growing BI clouds.
  9. Rapid, user driven innovation—new features released weekly based user feedback.
  10. Economics to drive a data culture with access for everyone.

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