Dr. Alfred Wamurubu (Ph.D.)

Managing Partner & Lead Management Consultant at HEC

Dr. Alfred Wamurubu (Ph.D.) is a Ugandan Management Consultant and Research Expert, Highly Skilled in Surveys, Data Collection and Analysis Training, and Management Practice.

Dr. Alfred Wamurubu is the Managing Partner and CEO of Houston Executive Consulting, a people and business support company that operates from Uganda’s Capital, Uganda. Dr. Wamurubu has carved a niche for himself in the management and leadership space through the various positions held at the Central Bank of Uganda with a demonstratable track record spanning over two decades.

He is responsible for Business Strategy and is known for his teaching at popular universities in Uganda including UMI and the Uganda Christian University (UCU). He is extensively traveled both in African and beyond and has an invaluable depth of leadership experience in the public and private sector with a knack for taking calculated risks.

He helps find clarity and provides support in co-creating an easily attainable plan. Alfred leans towards performance, effectiveness, and excellence with significant engagements in Africa and focuses on Personal Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, and Business Strategy, Social Impact, and management consultant that has led Corporate strategy across the financial services and other sectors.

He has a Ph.D. in Public Administration e-Governance from Uganda Management Institute, a Master of Arts in Public Administration & Management from Makerere University, and A First Degree in Public Administration & Management from Makerere University.

He is a creative, result-oriented, customer-sensitive, and self-motivated person with a track record for seeking the best value goals and striving to attain challenging targets in a competitive environment. An extremely positive individual with a keen sense of drive and an achiever who takes pride in the accomplishments of set targets.

Alfred takes a strengths-based strategic approach to career and organization development, which he has also written widely on. Together with colleagues, he has published several government and industry reports, over 60 research chapters, and some refereed blog articles on leadership, employment practices, work processes, and conditions that enhance employee health, safety, wellbeing, social inclusion, and performance.

Alfred has a continuous and unrivaled record of highly successful consultancies and research partnerships with private, and public sector organizations.

Preceding this, he held multiple senior management positions recognized as a leader in high-performing workplaces and corporate culture for more than 22 years at the Bank of Uganda where he still works to date.

Dr. Alfred Wamurubu (Ph.D.) | Managing Partner & Lead Management Consultant at HEC