Executive Training Program for Women in Business, Leadership & Governance in Uganda

Advancing The Capacity of Women in Business, Leadership & Governance


This is an innovative executive program that was developed by Houston Executive Consulting. The program is designed to empower women to take a big role in business, leadership and governance.

This program enables women to add value to corporate organizations through competence and expertise. The program is for women who want to make the most out of a personal development opportunity.

Our Executive Coaching program:

  • is centred on contemporary business & leadership strategy
  • offers insights into responsible and sustainable leadership
  • focuses on practical, real-life experience
  • provides personal leadership development, mentoring & coaching.

What Will Your Organization Benefit?

This program is designed to build that talent pipeline by helping rising women leaders be successful within the organization.

In this leadership development program, women leaders and their senior managers will develop critical skills to advance their careers, while working together to address the challenges facing rising women leaders.

Separately, rising women leaders and senior managers will develop and master key leadership skills they need for success. Together, they will also explore how gender differences at work impact leadership strategies, managing teams, difficult conversations, negotiations, and office politics.

Benefits For the Individual

Strategic leadership

  • Create your leadership style and brand
  • Develop and communicate your leadership vision
  • Leverage your unique strengths and align capabilities with strategy

Leadership communication and visibility

  • Explore the importance of image, consistency, and self-promotion
  • Flex your natural communication style
  • Master presentation, persuasion, and storytelling techniques

Organizational politics

  • Recognize and effectively use power structures
  • Build the courage to take risks
  • Create and leverage key strategic alliances


  • Manage perceptions
  • Build confidence and credibility
  • Identify support networks, mentors, and sponsors

Career planning

  • Harness your competitive advantages while limiting your detractors
  • Create personal development goals and actionable roadmap
  • Map your personal career plan
  • Identify a learning goal and planned learning experiments


  • Personal Development Planning & Habits of Excellence

Learn how to maximize your learning experience & make time in a busy schedule for personal development and excellence.

The course will help you make the most out of your development opportunities by understanding how to gather support from your manager and colleagues to maximize your growth. We shall explore key concepts in key areas including:

  • Planning your personal professional development
  • Defining a learning contract
  • Reflection: making it work in practice
  • Quality improvement
  • Identify your own learning needs and create a personal development plan to address them
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)


  • Effective Communication


  • Communication Styles & Strengths
  • Analyzing & Presenting to Your
  • Audience
  • Presentation tools / techniques
  • Persuasion methods
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Communicating as a Woman
  • Body language


  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Using Emotional Intelligence
  • Becoming aware of your own emotions
  • Using EI for problem solving
  • Helping others understand and use EI


  • Leadership Styles Assessment

  • Self-assessment discussion
  • Building Your Leadership Identity
  • Creating a personal positioning
  • Statement
  • Your unique strengths
  • Building your value proposition


  • Barriers To Effective Leadership

  • Interaction with a Consultation to discuss your career roadmap and barriers you may be facing


  • Team Management

We introduce to you the team formation process. Leading Culturally Diverse Teams in the Workplace? In this module, we explore why cultural diversity matters in the workplace and how multicultural teams can benefit your organization.

  • Influencing Change

Learn how to bring people with you as you lead or manage organizational change and navigate challenges to keep them on-board.

  • Employee engagement

  • Understanding the Leader’s role in Staff Welfare, Well-Being & Engagement
  • Staff welfare and well-being
  • Organizational culture and wellbeing
  • Initiatives & Welfare policy of your organization
  • Creating a healthy organization
  • Employee Engagement


  • Gender Dynamics In the Workplace

Gender equality and the empowerment of women is a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, and has been thrust into the spotlight with the recent #MeToo movement and HeForShe campaign.

On this course, you will understand the nature and consequences of gender inequality at work, in the family context, and in the media. You will also address what has been done to challenge gender inequality, and what still needs to happen in the future.

  • Managing Career Progression

This module prepares you to:

  • Identify your skills and skill levels and demonstrate these with evidence;
  • Compare your current skills with those of your target career;
  • Use mind mapping to organize ideas and explore possibilities;
  • Define a personalized career plan;
  • Describe the job market in a way that is relevant to your career plan; and
  • Stay up-to-date on the job market and professional opportunities.


  • Work/life balance integration

Working individuals often find themselves juggling between their work and social lives, aiming for the ever-elusive work-life balance.

This module focuses on the context in which work-life balance has grown, comparing the key theories of work-life conflict, work-life integration and enrichment, and boundary management.

It also investigates the future of work, evaluating how technology allows individuals to work more flexibly, but in the meantime risking less time to switch off and recover from work. Flexible working practices as a means to enhance your work-life balance are also discussed.

  • Navigating The Male Factor

Learn Gender-Inclusive Approaches in Workplaces where explore how to create and advocate for gender-inclusive public organizations to promote equality in society.


  • Serving at the highest level

It isn’t wrong for any woman to dream of serving as a CEO or a Board chairperson. Let’s prepare you for that.

  • Strategic Orientation
  • Increasing your level of contribution
  • Managing strategic priorities


  • Personal Branding

Powerful brands cut through the distractions and any noise. Because of this, female professionals should now explore how to apply brand-thinking on themselves.

  • Managing Your Visibility
  • Building your leadership brand
  • Building image consistency
  • Self-promotion for women


By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…

  • Begin the on-going process of personal development planning
  • Assess, Produce & plan the resources required for personal professional development
  • Identify, implement and evaluate a personal development plan
  • Develop a business plan which meets stakeholder needs, including resources required
  • Identify what is involved in building an effective team including team welfare
  • Deliver business results and meet shorter-term expectations in a way that supports the organization’s overarching mission, vision, and strategy
  • Take on any leadership position in the organization that is in line with your career aspirations
  • Organize & Chair successful team meetings
  • Develop Winning social media & Online Profile
  • Recognize & take part in networking events & opportunities
  • Write & Implement Successful Personal & Organizational Projects
  • Deliver presentations & speeches to varied audiences
  • Become an Executive Consultant and Coach


To help you stand out, the Executive Coaching for Women in Business, Leadership & Governance focuses on responsible and sustainable leadership skills – key principles in today’s organizations. The course offers a number of ways to experience the challenges of managing a business first-hand through simulations, guest input and case study projects.

It’s these practical, transferable skills that will give you the edge in this highly competitive career environment. Additionally, throughout your executive Coaching you will receive personalized mentoring to assist and guide your personal and professional leadership development.


At Houston Executive Consulting, we help people discover and fulfil their leadership potential to deliver outstanding performance and to have fulfilling careers.

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