Vicent Businge

Legal Consultant (Uganda Employment Laws, Company Formation and Corporate Law)

Businge Vicent is an advocate, a Commissioner for Oaths, and an Employment Law Consultant at Houston Executive Consulting. He Understands the Labour Legislation in Uganda and helps our clients develop legally sound employment policies.

He also supports our clients with Company Registration and Contract Negotiations. He also does employment documentation and representation.

As a corporate advocate and legal consultant, Vicent is at the forefront of legal issues at HE Consulting. He has expertise in a broad range of legal matters including government and regulatory law, real estate development, land use, business counsel, employment law, and general litigation cases.

He helps both our firm and our clients with commercial transactions and a variety of other legal matters. He understands the theory and application of the law and has successfully managed a variety of issues over the years. He knows how to effectively resolve any disputes using his expertise in the law.