Houston Executive Consulting continues to provide you with the best possible training experience. Our courses have been specifically designed to provide you with a unique learning experience. It can be in the classroom or virtual, to help your team acquire the necessary skills to increase your success at your job. You will also have an opportunity to network with your industry peers.

We provide standard classroom training where participants gather and meet to interact in person with the instructor and each other, to perform group exercises, and where they can apply lessons learned and enrich one’s learning experience.

Virtual classroom courses are in many ways similar to traditional ones. The only difference is that you enter the “classroom”, via the web platform, at the scheduled times to interact with the instructor in real-time. This can be on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and other new learning platforms.

We use our training calendar to manage the upskilling process of staff members of our clients. We also use it to propose relevant information on training needs with others and create a culture of personal development and learning.

We have training programs designed to ensure that your staff excels at finance, Human resources, and managing people. Our business and management courses will help your team to further their career with communication, networking, and project management courses. Take leadership training with top facilitators and certified trainers in Uganda.

our work is human resource development through training and development involve thus the effectiveness of organizations and the individuals and teams within them

Name of training

1      Communication Skills Training
2      Leadership Skills Training
3      Advanced Excel Training for HR
4      Training on Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management
5      Sales Training
6      Customer Care Training
7      First Aid Training
8      OSH Training
9      Start and Improve Your Business Programme
10    Performance Management and Appraisal
11    Advanced Excel Training

Training and development describe the formal, ongoing efforts that are made within organizations to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of their employees through a variety of educational methods. By adopting our training calendar, you get to a systematic process to enhance your employee’s skills, knowledge, and competency, resulting in better performance in a work setting

In modern workplaces, these efforts have taken on a broad range of applications from instruction in highly specific job skills to less professional development.

What are some of the Indicators that you Need Training for staff at your workplace?

  • Performance deficiency where an employee is not able to achieve the set objectives even when they were specific, measurable, agreed, and time-bound (SMART)
  • Customer complaints about the speed of service, behavior, quality of service performance standards
  • New employees onboarding from either recruitment or promotion. training new employees procedures helps employees settle into the rhythm of the company to focus on the most important thing: their job.
  • New processes/systems/technology products introduced & are now to your staff like a Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
  • Individual development plans specifically indicate that he or she needs help in achieving their personal goals, which in turn, enhances the individual contribution to an organization.
  • Performance improvement plans where the employee admits that his or her performance has not been satisfactory. Such staff will require training programs and career development support. The HR unit will have to supervise training, plan and administer training seminars, team building, and employee skill evaluations for those on a PIPs
  • New regulatory guidelines legislation/policy for example The Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS), and the Tax Procedures Code (e-Invoicing & e-Receipting) Regulations, 2020 in Uganda



001-Advanced Secretarial & Personal Assistant Programme-2 Weeks
002-Management Development Programme for Secretarial & Administrators-2 Weeks
003-Professional Development Programme for Secretaries-1 Week
004-Professional Executive Secretaries and Administrators Programme-2 Weeks
005-Advanced Secretaries and Executive Assistants Programme-1 Week
006-Data and records Management Programme for Secretaries-1 Week
007-Advanced Computer Programme for Secretaries-1 Week
008-Electronic Data and records Management-2 Weeks
009-Customer Care and Customer Relations Programme for Secretaries-2 Weeks
010-Advanced office Management Programme for Secretaries-2 Weeks


001-Computer and Information Technology for Managers-2 Weeks
002-Computer and Software Management Skills Development-2 Weeks
003-Computer and Information System Management-1 Week
004-Computerized Financial Management for Accountants-2 Weeks
005-Record and Data Management (Computerized Systems)-1 Week
006-Advanced Computer Programme For Execution Assistants-1 Week
007-Computer and Date Security Management-1 Week
008-Computer Auditing and Internal Control-2 Weeks
009-Customer Care and Customer Relations Programme for Secretaries-2 Weeks
010-Advanced office Management Programme for Secretaries-2 Weeks
011-Management Information System for Managers-1 Week


001-Computerized Project Management (CPM)-2 Weeks
002-Project Planning and Implementation (with Computer Applications)-2 Weeks
003-Projects Monitoring & Evaluation (PME)-1 Week
004-Projects Monitoring & Evaluation (PME)-2 Weeks
005-Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Projects (MECP)-1 Week
006-Participatory Project Planning and Management (PPPM)-1 Week
007-Project Analysis and Design Programme (PADP)-2 Weeks
008-Advanced Project Management (APM)-2 Weeks
009-Project Proposal writing and fund raising-2 Weeks
010-Advanced Procurement and Store management-2 Weeks
011-International and Internal Procurement for Donor funded-1 Week
012-Procurement & Materials Management (with Computer Applications)-2 Weeks


001-Agribusiness Management-1 Weeks
002-Agricultural Science-2 Weeks
003-Sustainable Agriculture-3 Weeks
004-Agriculture Education-2 Weeks
005-Agricultural Resource Management-1 Week
006-Natural Resources Management-1 Week
007-Livestock Management-1 Week
008-Dairy Management-2 Weeks
009-Animal Breeding Management-2 Weeks
010-Animal Nutrition Management-2 Weeks
011-Poultry Management-1 Week


001-Socio – Economic Reforms & Privatization-2 Weeks
002-Tourism Marketing and Development-1 Week
003-Organization Restructuring & Change Management-1 Week
004-HR Mgt& Performance Enhancement (with Computer Applications)-2 Weeks
005-Advanced Human Resources (With Computer Applications)-2 Weeks
006-Management Dev. Programme for PAs & Administrators-2 Weeks
007-Supervisory & Operations Management(with Computer Applications)-2 Weeks
008-Grievance Handling and HR Management-2 Weeks
009-Strategic Human Resource Management (with Computer Applications)-2 Weeks
010-Workplace Counseling & employee welfare Management-2 Weeks
011-Office Admin& Business Methods (with Computer Applications)-1 Week
012-Labor Relations & Conflict Management-2 Weeks
013-Performance Management-1 Week
014-Trainers & Educators Workshop-1 Week
015-Consultancy & Advisory Services Management-2 Weeks
016-Management Skills for Excellence-2 Weeks


001-Procurement and Supply Chain Management-2 Weeks
002-Procurement & Contracts Management-2 Weeks
003-Procurement & Purchasing-1 Week
004-Commercial and procurement-2 Weeks
005-Africa Procurement course-1 Week
006-Contract and Supplier Management-1 Week
007-Effective Negotiations course-2 Weeks
008-Importance of Purchasing Contracts-2 Weeks
009-Introduction to Negotiation-2 Weeks
010-Role and Scope of Purchasing-2 Weeks
011-Supply Chain and Materials Management-1 Week
012-Systems and Procedures in Purchasing-2 Weeks


001-Advanced Auditing Programme-1 Weeks
002-Advanced Budgeting and Budgetary Control-2 Weeks
003-Advanced Debt Management-3 Weeks
004-Advanced Financial Management-2 Weeks
005-Auditing and Internal Control-1 Week
006-Budgeting and Budgetary Control-1 Week
007-Credit Management, Monitoring and Control-1 Week
008-Cash Mgt& Bank Recon. for Financial & Accounting officers-2 Weeks
009-Financial Management for Debt Manager and Administrators-2 Weeks
010-Financial Management for Project Accountants-2 Weeks
011-Financial Management for Pension Administrators-1 Week


001-Advanced Leadership Development Programme-2 Weeks
002-Organizational Restructuring and Change Management-2 Weeks
003-Advanced Public Administration & Management-1 Week
004-Strategic Leadership Development Programme-1 Week
005-Strategic Women Leadership Development-1 Week
006-Corporate Governance and Board Leadership-2 Weeks
007-Sports Management and Administration-2 Weeks


001-Occupational health and safety Course-2 Weeks
002-Health Administration Programme-2 Weeks
003-Practice Management Programme-1 Week
004-HIV and AIDS counseling program-1 Week
005-Health Promotion Course-1 Week
006-Nutritional Medicine Programme-2 Weeks
007-Complementary Health Therapist Course-2 Weeks


001-Aeronautical Information Management-2 Weeks
002-Airworthiness Inspectors-2 Weeks
003-Avionics Inspections Fundamentals-2 Weeks
004-Aviation Security Management-2 Weeks
005-Avionics Test and Measuring Equipment Course-2 Weeks
006-Flight Operations Inspector Course-2 Weeks
007-Personnel Licensing-2 Weeks


001-Projects Monitoring & Evaluation (PME)-3 Days
002-Credit Management, Monitoring and Control-4 Days
003-Management of Local Government Finance-4 Days
004-Financial Management for Project Accountants-4 Days
005-Tourism Marketing and Development-3 Days
006-Adv. Audit, Corp Governance & Restructuring for Audit Committee-3 Days
007-Strategic H. Resource Management (with Computer Applications)-3 Days
008-Public Private Partnership Management-4 Days
009-Professional Executive Secretaries and Administrators Programme-4 Days
010-Advanced Computer Programme for Executive Assistants-4 Days
011-Professional Executive Secretaries and Administrators Programme-4 Days
012-Management Skills for Excellence-4 Days

All in-house must be 10 and above. Participants must be 10 and above. The Hosting institute will provide accommodation for at least 2 Facilitators/Consultants. Regular fees:

1 week: – Kampala, Uganda: – $3150
2 weeks: Kampala, Uganda: – $3850
3 weeks: Kampala, Uganda: – $4350

All regular course fees, cover the course material, Local transportation, Local Tours, and Tea Breaks. To Apply, Participants should visit the registration page or request for the application form via Email

Summary About Our Training Services

We are of the Best Training and Development Companies in Uganda. People Management Skills, Marketing & Sales, Performance Management, Leadership Skills, Customer Service, Supervisory Skills, Communication Skills, Personal Development Planning, Career Planning, and Management

As the leading Corporate Training Company in Uganda, we can conduct training-needs-assessment before the training. This guides us on the training structure and contents 6that can meet your identified training needs. Our training programs are highly interactive and practice with fewer presentations and lectures. We have certified trainers highly skilled with adult learning and experiential learning techniques.

We have expertise in designing, developing, and delivering training and learning solutions through facilitator-led training and coaching for employees. We ensure that the skills acquired from the training are transferred into the workplace.

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