Microsoft Excel Training for HR and Payroll Management in Uganda

Through the two-day training, HR & Payroll Professionals will learn the tips that save hours to resolve the difficulties they face daily in doing employee compensations, salary, leave, benefits, etc.

In this practical training, participants will learn formatting techniques to convert data from different sources, and how to make the best use of the most important formulas for HR.

Payroll is not just about issuing checks. For instance, Payroll Specialists must learn the legalities of exempt versus non-exempt employees. Learn how to deduct taxes; how to make statutory deductions.

Additionally, Payroll Specialists must comply accurately and timely with a variety of federal and state payroll reporting requirements, not just for taxation purposes, but for laws covering things like final and/or unclaimed paychecks.

Participants will be empowered to manipulate charts and diagrams, use logical functions, and link their spreadsheet to other worksheets and applications.

You will learn to automate some common Excel tasks, apply advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, troubleshoot errors, collaborate on worksheets, and share Excel data with other applications like the HRMS.

We also offer Corporate Training for Advanced Excel 2016 & 2019 versions to other teams in the organization.


By the End of the Training Programme, Participants Will Be Able to Manage HR Data Including but Not Limited to:

  • Set Up an HR Database Using Excel
  • Preparing A Payroll
    • Compute the Allowances Per Staff
    • Compute the Departmental Allowance (Retainer)
    • Establish the Total Allowances
    • Establish the Gross Pay (Chargeable Income)
    • Compute the Statutory Deductions
      • S.S.F
      • A.Y.E
      • Local Service Tax (LST)
    • Compute the Total Deductions
    • Compute the Net Pay
  • Preparing Performance Ratings and Reporting Template
  • Preparing Pay Slips for every Staff

What You’ll Learn:

This training session covers the rules for identifying, filing, retaining, protecting, and destroying your important payroll records. By attending, you and your team will learn:

  • Which records must you keep – and for how long?
  • Recommended record retention processes
  • Do record retention and how
  • How to know when it’s safe to scan a document and dump the paper original
  • Must payroll records be kept separate from HR records?
  • Prepare monthly Payroll Schedule, identifying all due dates including but not limited to changes, timesheets, expense reports, payments, etc
  • Payment of salaries to employees. Facilitate distribution of Worker payments for compensation, including salaries and supplemental income (overtime, benefits) as directed by your organization
  • Facilitate distribution of your approved worker expense reimbursement
  • Withholding and payment of all required taxes on those payments to relevant authorities. Process monthly contributions to the Social Security Administration, or similar authorities, on behalf of our clients
  • Maintain timesheet records, vacation, and sick leave balances, etc. for each employee
  • Provision of market-based salary and benefits advice to your organization
  • Report in detail, as required and agreed, on salaries and benefits paid to employees.

Compliance Requirements for Payroll

  • Learn how to ensure compliance with all applicable laws related to employment and social costs, including labor laws, rules, regulations, codes, ordinances, and orders, as well as data security/privacy laws.
  • Notify your organization of any change of local labor law that increases (or decreases) employee costs and affects your budget, including but not limited to social security obligations, tax on salary, etc.
  • Guide in regards to recouping the costs of any lost or damaged equipment by your request.
  • Assist your organization with data for audits as well as providing your staff with guidance on record maintenance in the local field office location.
  • Report with immediate effect of any data breaches.
  • Ensure all appropriate licenses and/or registrations necessary for the employment of Worker in the country are completed.


HR Managers, HR Officers, Employee Benefits Staffs & their Teams, Finance Managers, Officers & Teams, Payroll Managers & Officers, Small & Medium Business owners who run their payroll, Other Organizational & Business Leaders who would like to Master Excel



Lesson 1: Summary Outline

  • File formats, styles, types, columns, and rows
  • Formatting and editing worksheets
  • Defining the print and page setup
  • How to apply functions
  • Creating and editing charts

Lesson 2: Outline

  • Learning formula fundamentals
  • Creating formulas and their automatic application
  • Using references & named ranges
  • Using special logical & text functions for HR applications

Lesson 3: Outline

  • Using a pivot table and charts
  • Create a PivotTable Framework
  • Lookup function for HR usage
  • Protecting your data forms from invalid data entry
  • Conditional Formatting


Lesson 4: Summary Outline

  • Recording MACROS & automating Work
  • Linking several worksheets
  • Combining several workbooks to create a summary
  • Securing and reviewing your worksheet
  • Tracking changes and comments
  • Hiding and protecting formulas

Lesson 5: Overview of the Essential Contents of Excel Payroll Data both Organizational & Regulatory

  • Gross and net pay
  • Correct Formula for NSSF contributions for both Employees and Employers for Excel
  • PAYE Formula
  • Generating a Payslip
  • Mail Merge
  • Appraisal Rating Keys

Lesson 6: Using Employee Data to Prepare Payroll in Excel

  • How to Create the Column Names
  • How to Create Some Payroll Formulas
  • How to Customize & Save Templates


Microsoft Excel Training Courses for Human Resource (HR) and Payroll Management 

No. of Hours

Microsoft Excel Basic Training | Excel 2013 Courses Online | Beginners5h
Microsoft Excel 2013 – Advanced12h
Project – HR Dashboard using Excel6h
Project – Advanced HR Dashboard7h
Project on Excel VBA – Attendance Register using Microsoft Excel VBA3h
Project on Excel VBA – Restaurant Billing System using Microsoft Excel VBA3h 6m
Microsoft Excel 2019 – Beginners16h
Microsoft Excel 2019 – Advanced16h
Project – Creating Interactive Dashboards using VBA3h
Project – Creation of Basic CRM by using Microsoft Excel VBA and SQL Express4h
Project – Interactive Dashboards using Microsoft Excel VBA3h
Project – Microsoft Excel Dashboard Training6h
Microsoft Excel for Business Professionals and Managers2h

Course Requirements

First of all, you need to be an HR Practitioner to do this Excel for the HR Training course. If you want to do this Excel for HR Training, then only you will get the most out of this course.

To get the most out of this course, it’s recommended that you use Microsoft Excel 2016 or 2019 Professional Plus or standalone edition running on Windows 7 or later. If you are using a different version of Excel, you should be able to follow very well as the instructor facilitates the learning sessions. You’ll also be able to complete most of the homework, and quizzes,

Regional & Locale Settings

This course is based on the English (Uganda) Region and Locale settings. This means that Excel formulas will use commas for list separators. We bring this up only to make you aware that your regional settings may be set to use a semicolon as your list separator. There is no need to change your regional settings – just be aware to swap out commas in formulas we demonstrate or provide with a semicolon and dates are formatted in mm/dd/yyyy format.

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