Human Resource for Non HR Managers Training Course in Uganda


For Professionals who are ready to improve their HR management skills, our HR for Non-HR Managers Training helps you to Get an introduction to the practice of Human Resources, and develop the skills you need to become an HR work with people.

A career in human resources management is focused on people skills – whether it’s recruiting and developing staff, overseeing strategy, or managing the HR department.

Every organization has Operational and other line managers who work with people and obviously HR related activities come up in their daily jobs.

it is very critical to enable them to understand, and operate within best practices and comply with legislation labour legislation of the land.

Human Resource Training for Non-HR Managers is a two-day course taking the manager through the comprehensive employee life-cycle. During the training, we cover pre-recruitment to post-termination of an employee and also the key employment legislation affecting the employer-employee relationship in the Republic of Uganda.


  • Clearly explain the main stages of the employee life-cycle right from pre-recruitment to post-termination while articulating the rights and obligations of both the employer and employee
  • identify the role of HR in organizational success
  • recognize the importance of employee engagement and how to effectively manage staff expectations
  • monitor performance standards and subsequently conduct an appraisal for that performance
  • Managers will be able to understand and appreciate the various functions of HR
  • Healthy relationships between HR and other functions
  • Better liaisons between the leadership, management, and HR function
  • Renewed avenue to build strong networking and interpersonal skills at a management level
  • Manage employees within the hire to retire employment lifecycle
  • Confidently deal with employee challenges
  • Nurture team members through performance management and career planning
  • Improve leadership capability through the effective use of human resources practices
  • Develop an HR strategy to address identified human resource management gaps


  • Gaining knowledge of various HR functions
  • Appreciating HR business partners and their roles
  • Being able to confidently interact with HR
  • Gathering best practices from the HR functions
  • Master a few concepts to manage behaviors by understanding industrial and organizational psychology
  • Describe HR Professionalism and demonstrate an understanding of its importance to people and organizations
  • Apply basic principles of workforce planning, including recruitment and retention
  • Demonstrate understanding of performance management and how to get the best out of people
  • Describe the role of HR in supporting an organization in meeting its strategy and objectives


  • Management and leadership role holders
  • L&D Team- Trainers and facilitators
  • Human resource professionals looking to sharpen their skills further
  • Business owners and businesspersons of various pedigree
  • Anyone who wants to understand what HR role could be
  • Suitable for mid to senior managers and supervisors leading a work team.

The HR For Non-HR Managers Training Course Will Entail the Following Modules

Module 1 – General HR

  • Role of HR in an organization
  • HR Functions – Vertical and horizontal
  • HR Designations vis-à-vis operational designations
  • HR evolution in organizations

Module 2 – HR Recruitment

  • Various stages of recruitment
  • Competencies and role definitions
  • Business parties involved in decision making
  • New-hire, and campus recruitment opportunities and challenges
  • Offer made vs Rejection ratio and the analysis

Module 3 – Training and Talent Development

  • Introduction to the many roles of training
  • Examine training from some stakeholder approaches including organization, teams, trainees, trainers
  • Provide scope of the study of training, discussing the main theories, models and tools used. For example, the training cycle and different types of training
  • New-hire training – Language, product, process, and SOP training
  • Conducting TNA (Training Need Analysis) and TNI (Training Need Identification)
  • Promotion level competency building training
  • Vendor management in training
  • Training and return on investment

Module 4 – HR Operations

  • The backend HR work
  • Tools and software used for gathering, collection, organizing, and making employee data visible and accessible when required
  • Compensations and Benefits function in operations
  • Entry and exit level feedback collection and dissemination
  • Background verification check
  • Letters provided to employees – Exit, relieving, confirmation, work experience, promotion, demotion, etc.

Module 5 – HR and other support functions

  • The liaison between HR and other support functions like admin, third party service providers
  • Admin functions and HR – Approvals and signoffs
  • IT and HR – Approvals and signoffs

Module 7 – Challenges faced by the HR

  • Analyze and reflect on critical challenges for HR practices
  • Explore how leadership is a challenge for HR practice
  • Explore how globalization is a challenge for HR practice
  • Escalations at the HR level
  • Sexual Harassment redressal at the HR level
  • Challenges of hiring, laying offs, and delivering bad news
  • Governmental, political, and other threats and challenges to and for the HR


Engagement: Pre-course tasks and an introductory e-learning module to stimulate thinking on the course topic and prepare for online sessions

Participation: – Online learning module inclusive of theory and practice – interactive learning activities, case studies, and practical application opportunities – Participation in two 90-minute live interactive learning sessions with an experienced HR facilitator

Application: Workplace application activities and additional learning resources that focus on how learning can be applied directly in the workplace

Reflection: Opportunity to reflect on and share learnings to facilitate the transfer of learning to the workplace

HR is considered to be a support function because its work is to support the business in its entirety by sourcing, finalizing, hiring, and training candidates for the job. They are responsible for ensuring that they get the right candidate that fits the role as defined by the operations or other support functions.

One can say they are the people who work at the back of the stage. Sometimes their involvement seems invisible, however, once everything has been done the way it is supposed to be done, we tend to ignore their contribution at times. And, sometimes we question what they do.

This course will help you understand the functions that HR handles and manages at every stage of a person’s career. You will be able to appreciate their work and the challenges that come along the line.

Besides, you will also know that although they seem privileged, their work can be equally challenging as operations or other support functions such as Administration, IT, and related functions. Apart from all of these, you will get a clearer perspective about your roles, responsibilities, duties, etc. from an organizational culture viewpoint.

The HR for Non-HR Managers course is designed to upskill managers to give them the competence needed to effectively manage everyday human resource needs and challenges within their workforce.

The course examines the main human resource components within the employment lifecycle – from recruitment to retirement. Alongside this, the course looks at employment law (IR/ER) and common employee relations challenges that leaders may encounter.

Houston Executive Consulting is a professional HR and Management consulting firm. The LLC is registered in Uganda and offers professional training, HR Consulting, and Coaching for those working in HR and learning and development.

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